FYI Resources Ltd - Equity

15.75% Equity Investment

Empire Resources Ltd currently holds an 15.75% shareholding in FYI Resources Ltd, a company focused on mineral exploration in Thailand.

FYI Resources Ltd has recently applied for two separate groups of tenements in north-eastern Thailand both covering ground prospective for large, high grade potash deposits.

Potash is the common term used for a group of potassium minerals used principally as agricultural fertilisers. FYI’s move into the commodity followed its market analysis which shows increasing human populations will lead to higher sustained demand for potash minerals to help boost agricultural production.

The Thai potash sector offers a number of advantages over current potash production in other parts of the world due to the shallow depths, significant widths and potential high grades of mineralization. Thailand is currently a net importer of potash and other fertiliser products so would benefit greatly from any new domestic production and supply. Thailand is also geographically ideally positioned in close proximity to large southeast Asian, Chinese and Indian markets which would contribute positively to the economics of any new potash supplier in the region.

FYI believes that based on various studies of current global food production trends and declining arable land projections, the Thai potash production potential offered through exploration and development is an outstanding business case and offers considerable upside for the Company.

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