The Board
Each member of Empire's Board has extensive mineral exploration and project development experience.

Adrian Griffin Tom Revy - Chairman - BAppSc., AusIMM

Mr Revy is a mining professional with in excess of 25 years experience in the industry to date including operations, process design and commissioning, technical and general management, business development, project and company evaluation and corporate management. Countries where extensive work has been undertaken include Australia, PNG, Southern and Central
Africa, Central and South America and China.

David Sargent David Sargeant - Managing Director - BSc., AusIMM

Mr Sargeant, who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in economic geology from the University of Sydney, has more than 40 years' experience as a geologist, consultant and company director. As such, he has been involved in numerous mineral exploration, ore deposit evaluation and mining development projects and is a member of AusIMM and the Geological Society of Australia.

During his career, Mr Sargeant has held a range of senior positions, including that of senior geologist with Newmont Pty Ltd and senior supervisory geologist with Esso Australia Ltd at the time of the Harbour Lights Gold Mine discovery and development. Further, Mr Sargeant was the first chief geologist at Telfer Gold Mine during exploration, development and production at that project. In addition, he was exploration manager for the Adelaide Petroleum NL group of companies, manager of resources development for Sabminco NL and a technical director of Western Reefs Limited during the period in which that company became a successful producer at the Dalgaranga Gold Project.

Adrian Jessup Adrian Jessup - Executive Director - BSc., AusIMM

Mr Jessup also holds a Bachelor of Science degree (with honours) in economic geology from the University of Sydney and has more than 40 years' continuous experience as a geologist, company director and consultant involved in mineral exploration, ore deposit evaluation and mining. He is a member of AusIMM, the Geological Society of Australia and the Australian Institute of Geoscientists.

For the past 11 years, Mr Jessup has operated a geological consulting company. During that time, he was a founding director of Sylvania Resources Limited and remained on the board of that company for two years. Prior to that, Mr Jessup was managing director of Giralia Resources NL for eight years, from the company's inception in 1987. Previously, he worked for AMAX Exploration Inc. as a senior geologist and as regional manager in charge of the company's mineral exploration in Western Australia.

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